4 Ways to Use Balloon Displays To Liven Up Your Office or Party This Holiday Season

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and effective way to provide a festive atmosphere to your Christmas or New Year’s party this year like never before, then you may want to consider using balloons. Here are just a few ways that we can add balloon displays to your office or party this holiday season:

  1. Candy Canes

If you already have some type of Christmas display in your office, plan to have a table set up at your Christmas party, or need something that will catch the eye when people enter the office, candy cane balloon displays may do the trick. Candy canes can be set up on either side of a table or an entryway (similar to that of an arch).

  1. Snowflakes

Whether you want one large snowflake as a focal point or you want several smaller- or medium-sized snowflakes as décor, we can make it happen. They can be displayed on the floor or hung from the ceiling. Either way, nothing delivers holiday cheer and sparkle like “snow”.

  1. Balloon Drop

For New Year’s, there is nothing more exciting than having a huge balloon drop. The balloons will be hung from the ceiling in a giant net or bag. When the clock strikes midnight, someone will pull a string that is attached to the net/bag. This will cause the release of the balloons, which not only be exciting, but also beautiful and dramatic!

  1. Numbers

Also for New Year’s, we can make a balloon display of the new year in numbers, such as 2017. While everyone knows what year it is going to be, it needs to be displayed. For one, it helps set the scene. For two, it could make the perfect backdrop for photographs.