Do you have a huge Hello Kitty fan in the house or maybe you’re throwing a big Hello Kitty birthday party celebration? Rent this gorgeous red and pink Hello Kitty bounce house for your event and allow the children to bounce their little hearts out with Hello Kitty and her closest friends, including Fifi, Tracy, Tippy, Thomas, Joey and Rory.

This bouncer looks like a house with windows – it even has its own inflatable chimney! Kids will see Hello Kitty and her friends looking out the “windows” at them as they walk up to the bouncer. They’ll enter the inflatable bouncer through the door, with Joey and Rory on either side of it welcoming them inside. Now, for parents (as well as spectators) who want to keep an eye on their little ones without actually getting inside the bounces house, they can do so through the oversized mesh found on all other sides of the bouncer.

With this Hello Kitty inflatable bouncer, the kids will have a blast. It’s a perfect way for them to get rid of some of their built-up energy. And, don’t worry, adults, you can get in there and jump to your heart’s content, too

Technical Specifications and Other Important Details

Dimensions: 14’ x 15’ x 13’

Price: $160.00 – This includes a member of our staff bringing the inflatable bouncer to the location of the event, setting it up properly, and then coming back at the end of the rental time to pick it up.

*Electricity will be required for the operation of the Halloween Hunt bounce house. If a power outlet is not located near the location where the bouncer will be setup, please arrange for a power source, such as a generator. Unfortunately, we do not offer generators at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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