Calling all superheroes! The Justice League team needs your help!

If you have a little super hero running around the house that hates to take his or her cape and mask off, then this Justice League bounce house is just what he or she needs for an upcoming birthday party. On the front of this bounce house, you will see some of the most famous super heroes from the Justice League comics – Batman, Superman, the Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.

As the children leap and soar inside of this bouncer, they will feel as if they are one of the Justice League super heroes and can battle even the toughest of villains that may come their way…even those darn adults who tell them it’s time to get out! The children have plenty of room inside the bounce house to practice any super hero moves that they have been trying to perfect, which helps to ensure that they stay active and healthy in a fun environment. Parents can keep an eye on their little super heroes as they try to save the day from any villains that try to barge in thanks to the mesh windows on all sides of the bouncer.

Aside from birthdays, the Justice League bouncer makes the perfect addition to any event where young children will be. Contact us today to reserve this bouncer for your special day!

Technical Specifications and Other Important Details

Dimensions: 14’ x 13’ x 12’

Price: $160 per day – This includes the delivery, set-up and take-down of the Justice League moonwalk by a trained member of our Top Flight staff.

Note: An electrical outlet will be necessary for this bounce house to be used. If electrical power is not at the event site, a generator will be required. At this time, Top Flight does not rent generators. Therefore, securing a generator for power will be your responsibility. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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