Got a birthday celebration or graduation party coming up? Or maybe it is just an outdoor get-together where you want to ensure everyone has a ton of fun? Whatever it is, the Rock N Roll Joust Bouncer may be just what you need to turn your event into one that will never, ever be forgotten.

As players step into this inflatable arena, they will need to be ready for a jousting match and hours of friendly, fun competition. Players will step up onto the raised pedestal into the center to go head-to-head with their competitor. It looks easier than it is, and players will “rock ‘n roll” as they try to maintain their balance. Players will use the jousting sticks to try to knock each other off the pedestal, as only one can claim the pedestal and be named the victor.

Regardless of why you are holding an event, if you’re looking for a way to get your guests active, promote some healthy competition and encourage sportsmanship, this interactive jousting inflatable is a safe way to do it and make sure your guests have fun all at the same time.

Technical Specifications and Other Important Details

What’s also included? Protective helmets and two jousting sticks!

Dimensions: 23’ x 24’ x 8’

Price: $250.00 – This includes a member of our staff bringing the inflatable bouncer to the location of the event, setting it up properly, and then coming back at the end of the rental time to pick it up.

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