Have you been given the honor of throwing this year’s Halloween bash? Are you sponsoring a Trunk-or-Treat at your community’s church? Or maybe you’re just hosting a get-together at your house for this weekend’s The Walking Dead marathon? Whatever it may be, it sounds like you may need something to occupy the kiddos? Well, nothing keeps kids happy, safe, healthy, and busy better than an inflatable bounce house, right?

Featuring a creepy, yet very eye-appealing cartoonish zombie crawling scene directly above the inflatable bouncer’s entrance, this Zombie bounce house is great for Halloween parties, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, hayrides, church functions, zombie-themed birthday parties and other frightening and fun-filled events. The colors of this bouncer are dark and eerie, which make it perfect for setting the ideal mood for any ghostly celebration.

Now, the one thing that you need to ask your guests is this: do they dare to enter this bloodcurdling zombie bounce house? After all, you simply cannot guarantee that they will come out alive without the numerous walkers tearing at the outside of the inflatable jumper just itching to get inside and get a bite of fresh, live, juicy brains!!

Technical Specifications and Other Important Details

Dimensions: 14’ x 16’ x 14’

Price: $160.00 – This includes a member of our staff bringing the inflatable bouncer to the location of the event, setting it up properly, and then coming back at the end of the rental time to pick it up.

*Electricity will be required for the operation of the Halloween Hunt bounce house. If a power outlet is not located near the location where the bouncer will be setup, please arrange for a power source, such as a generator. Unfortunately, we do not offer generators at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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