Rent a Bounce House or a Dunk Tank for Your End of the School Year Party

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is almost here. This school year sure has flown by — well, the kids may not think of it this way, but they’ll sure be glad when the last day of school arrives. Regardless, the kids deserve a reward for working so hard and staying out of trouble — or at least trying to stay out of trouble. Rather than planning a field trip away from the school, why not bring the fun to them to the school’s campus? All you need to do is rent some of Top Flight’s inflatable bouncers and/or extra party essentials to make a memorable end of the year school party. Here are some specific ideas:

15′ Retro Slide

This slide can serve as a wet or dry slide, which makes it perfect for any end of the school year party. Kids can line up in a single file to go up one side of the slide and then slide down one or two at a time down the other side and have a ton of fun to end their school year together.

30′ Backyard Obstacle Course

If you want to ensure that the students have a little bit of competition sprinkled in with their fun, then this is definitely the inflatable bouncer that they need. It is equipped with 30 feet of obstacles that challenges participants with every step that they take. Some of the obstacles include horizontal/vertical pop-ups as well as tunnels that they’ll need to crawl through.

Dunk Tank

Regardless of the grade that the kids are in, the dunk tank is always a winner. While you could always put the kids themselves in the dunk tank and let them take turns dunking one another, wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if the teachers and possibly even the principal were the ones at risk of being dropped into the water tank? It is a great, fun way for the students to get their “revenge” without getting into trouble.

Regardless of the bouncer or party essential that you choose from Top Flight, the students are going to have an unforgettable end of the school year party that is filled with lots of laughter and memories. Contact us today to make your reservation! (913) 229-7130.